Nightmares :

These are frightening dreams because they produce unpleasant sensations or the dreamer is in a very dangerous situation. Dreaming of some kind of monster shows that there may be something in your life that you are frightened of and that needs to be confronted. Dreaming of being in a terrifying situation like not being able to move means that you may be stuck at a point in your life and feel unable to move forward. However, nightmares are not necessarily prophetic, they may be a reaction to an event that has just occurred. This could be anything from a recent frightening experience, dreams that occur during illness or dreams that you have after seeing a disturbing film or TV programme.

Lucid Dreaming:

This is a fairly recent discovery that people can be aware that they are dreaming and actually control events. However, it is an acquired skill and one that is often used by practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism as they try to find a higher level of consciousness. It has led researchers to find out if the method can be utilized for therapeutic purposes.

Repetative Dreams:

Having the same dream over and over again is usually an indication that something is troubling you in life.

Predictive Dreams:

These are dreams that are said to predict future events, which are said to occur during the deepest part of your sleep - between 2.00am and 7.00am. It is these types of dreams that are worth interpreting.