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The Mitchell Family, of which Jane Mitchell is obviously a member, has been prominent in the British Empire and in the United States, its members having played important roles in war and in peace.

Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Mitchells have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions.

The family name of Mitchell, in some instances, may have originated from the Anglo-Saxon "mycel" meaning great or mickle (that is, much), but in most cases it is supposed to be a Norman name from the Hebrew "Michael", which means "one who is like God."

In confirmation of the derivation of the name, Mitchell, from Michael, it may be noted that the Mitchells of Midlothian, Scotland, sometimes spelled the name "Mitchael" and in England "Michal," the latter being identical with the female form of the name Michael, which was bestowed upon the younger daughter of Saul.

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